Our Meat department is another area where Weepin’ Willies really sets itself apart from the competition. Many supermarkets and even butcher shops will sell blatantly inferior cuts of meat, especially on sale or in a package to keep people coming back. At Weepin’ Willies we have long term relationships with the best local distributors so we can bring you and your family the best quality selection in the area. What many shoppers don’t know is that meats are graded on a points rating system by the¬†Poorer cuts of meat are cheaper to buy and re-sell to the public, so many stores are involved in this shameful practice.

Weepin’ Willies is committed to buying only the finest choice cuts of meats for our stores. Also, you may have been hearing a lot about Pink Slime in the news lately. You will NEVER find pink slime in our meats, because our meats don’t sit on a truck for days or in a case in a store for weeks. We love to share our knowledge of food with our customers because like you, we care about what we buy and serve at our house too. We take pride in helping you provide delicious and¬†healthy foods all year long. Don’t forget that Summer is around the corner and we have many options for the grill too…Kabobs, Hamburger, Steaks, Chicken, Pork, Hot Dogs, Sausage and much more!